The OTP of OTPs

aeryn/john red bed - by isisizabel
Farscape Told Science Fiction’s Greatest Love Story

It is known.

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The Blade Itself (The First Law: Book 1)

palpatine love violence - by iconzicons
Just finished The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie because I was promised shocking, edgy grimdark or something along those lines, but I can't say that I was even remotely shocked by anything in the book — torture, corruption, shit, violence...whatever.

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to disturb me these days, especially after all the real-world horrors I've studied. Better luck next time, Mr. Abercrombie.

I do love Inquisitor Glokta, so there's that. Logen bores the shit out of me (seriously, every time I came to his POV, I groaned), but I find myself quite entertained by Jezal's complete and utter dipshittery.

Finally, could this book be any more of a sausagefest? Sigh.

Still, there's enough substance here that I'll go on to Before They Are Hanged. Please shock me. I'm serious! Hit me with your best shot, bro.

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JKR trolls her own fandom?

atla mai ship wars srs bsns - by dawnrun
JK Rowling has reportedly said in an interview that Hermione and Harry should have ended up together.

Someone is trolling HP fandom epically; whether or not it truly is JKR remains to be seen. I so hope it is, not because I give a single fuck about the love lives of HP characters, but due to my fervent adoration of shipwank in fandoms to which I do not belong. Either way, it seems that my birthday has come early this year! (Please let it be true. Please let it be true. Please...)

I leave the rest to fandom_wank.

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Netflix time

faith choi young pretty - by meganbmoore
Alas, all my shows just ended for the season or have gone on midseason hiatus for the holidays.

You know what that means: Netflix time!

1) Rewatch The Great Doctor (aka Faith), which I saw via the first time around, but I want to see it on the big TV as opposed to my laptop and also can you ever get enough of Lee Min Ho? I think not!

2) Five Fingers, which I haven't seen yet but which features my very first Korean drama love, the lovely Joo Ji Hoon.

3) Arang and the Magistrate: Um, maybe? I don't find either of the leads particularly attractive, to be honest, so I'm not sure about this one. (Yes, I'm shallow!)

4) Bomb Girls S2. Because WWII and awesome Canadian ladies, that's why.

5) Land Girls S2/S3. I wasn't happy with the way the lady of the manor was demonized in S1 because I guess we were supposed to be rooting for Team Adultery or something (LOL no), but I'm hoping for better.

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Scrivener coupon code

lok jinora book - by meganbmoore
Does anyone want a coupon code for 50% off Scrivener for Mac or Windows?

I've owned (and loved) Scrivener for years, so I have no need for the coupon code that was part of my winner goodies for NaNoWriMo.

First come, first served (whether on LJ or DW).

ETA: Code claimed.

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First World Problem

alia squee flow - by puipui on jf
I very much fear that if I want fandom now, I'm going to have to break down and join Tumblr.


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No rescue dog this time

ljfail kitten disappoint - by mewsing
The American Eskimo dog we were trying to adopt ended up going to a previous applicant, who had originally been turned down because of potential issues with other dogs in their household. That adoption is back on again, apparently.

I'm a little disappointed, since she was exactly what we were looking for, but the important thing is that the dog is going to have a true home again, even if it's not with us. I can be happy about that.

There's another rescue dog out there for us, something along the lines of:

Small- to medium-sized Spitz breed or mix thereof: We've had a total of five Eskies/Eskie mixes and two Pomeranians over the years; this time we're looking mostly at Eskies and Welsh corgis. H loves the Alaskan Klee Kai, but there are only like 1,500 of those in the world and for a number of reasons we are not buying a $2,000 dog!

Adult: I've house trained two puppies and that was more than enough for one lifetime. I will deal with (and have, multiple times) elimination problems that are due to medical/behavioral issues, but I just can't do the puppy thing again. Plus everyone wants puppies, while we've been known to adopt the elderly and/or infirm.

Female: Magnus doesn't like living with even the most submissive of other male dogs (there were literal pissing contests INSIDE MY HOUSE; I can't even), but has lived in peace with even alpha females.

Back to the dog search I go...

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Rescue dog stuff

jon ghost pup animated - by bloomyicons
I'm waiting for a call back from the person fostering a dog we're trying to adopt, and it's killing me in a way reminiscent of being fourteen and waiting to see if that really cute boy/girl you have a crush on is going to call you back. Never did deal well with that sort of thing — but does anyone, really?

Our application has been thoroughly vetted and approved by the rescue group and I spoke at length with the head of the group this morning, so now I just need to convince the person doing the fostering down in Georgia that our household will be a good fit for this particular dog. Of course, being me, I'm obsessing that she didn't like my name or the sound of my voice when I left the message or something and that's why she hasn't called me back yet, not because she has a job and a baby and a litter of foster puppies and a life and stuff.

It's only been a few hours. I'm kind of an anxious person!

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nanowrimo soviet - by aierociel
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starkiller half face close - by scifigee
I joined the Rebel Alliance ironically

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